The KSC-IDI Community Portal is a tool that has replaced the existing Oracle based online INTOSAI Collaboration Tool (ICT) which was developed by SAI-India in 2005 to facilitate INTOSAI’s decision making processes in the time between the annual Governing Board meetings and the triennial Congresses. The portal has the facilities like Community of Practice, Library, Blogs, Chat Rooms, Video Conferencing, Pollssurvey, etc. The technical infrastructure and support for this portal has been provided by the IDI whereas day to day operational support is being provided by SAI-India.

Thus, the INTOSAI Community Portal has more interactive features and additional facilities to enable better communication and sharing of ideas amongst member SAIs during the time between the annual meetings of the INTOSAI Governing Board and the triennial Congresses. The tool also has potential for adding more dynamic features depending on the requirements of the users. The portal is now hosting several Communities of Practices and facilitating virtual meetings of various groups.

Visit the offical website of the KSC-IDI Community Portal