The INTOSAI Online Glossary is an electronic tool that is part of the project to revise, update and enhance the INTOSAI Glossary of Auditing Terms (1992 version), an initiative proposed by the Supreme Audit Institution of Mexico as Chair of the INTOSAI Governing Board 2007–2010, and in accordance with a decision adopted by the INTOSAI Governing Board members during its 58th meeting, held in Vienna, Austria, in November, 2008.

This tool contains more than 8,000 records with useful terms, and was created to support INTOSAI member SAIs during the translation into the Organization’s five official languages of documents and material related to INTOSAI, its Committees, Subcommittees, Working Groups and Task Forces, as well as those products stemming from INTOSAI bodies’ work (including pronouncements such as ISSAIs and INTOSAI GOVs). This electronic tool’s purpose is also to serve as reference for the interpretation services required during INTOSAI bodies’ working meetings.

The database comprises words, phrases, acronyms and concepts that commonly encountered in INTOSAI official documents regarding governmental auditing; member SAIs; INTOSAI’s products, organizational structure and specialized terminology; INTOSAI Congresses; main positions in member SAIs, and mainly those concepts related to the Committees’, Subcommittees’, Working Groups’, and Task Forces’ work scope.

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