2019 Annual Meetings

2019 Annual Meeting of INTOSAI WGPD

Baku, Azerbaijan


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Minutes of Meeting

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List of Participants

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2019 WGPD Annual Meeting Photos

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SAI Item
Mr. Vugar Gulmammadov
Chairman, Chamber of Accounts
Republic of Azerbaijan
Welcome Address by a key official of SAI Azerbaijan
WGPD Chair Opening Address by the Chairperson of the
Commission on Audit of the Republic of the Philippines and INTOSAI WGPD
Vugar Ibrahimov,
Zaur Valiyev, and
Elvin Hajiyev
Chamber of Accounts
Keynote Speech 1:
The Auditing of Public Debt Management
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Elchin Rashidov
Lecturer, ADA
Keynote Speech 2:
Public Debt Management: Doing right things or doing
things right?
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WGPD Secretariat Presentation of the Agenda for the Meeting for
Endorsement of the Members
WGPD Chair WGPD Chair’s Report Click Here
WGPD Chair
    • Reading out of new SAI members of the INTOSAI
      WGPD and names of their Representatives
    • Acknowledgement and welcoming of the new SAI
      members of the INTOSAI WGPD
Ms. Lea Hakim
World Bank
Strengthening public debt monitoring and reporting
– Lessons learnt from the DMF
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Ms. Stephanie
Debt Transparency Initiatives and Effective
Macroeconomic Debt Strategies for Sustainable
Development (live video presentation)
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WGPD Secretariat Presentation 1:
WGPD Secretariat Reports

  • Summary of Results of October 2018 survey
    on the WGPD Work Plan (WP) for 2020-2022
  • Network of Experts in Public Debt Auditing
  • Composition of Task Teams on the Workplan
    Activities –
  • Work Plan 2017-2019
  • WGPD Website
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SAI Philippines
(Project 2.9 Task
Presentation 2:
Project 2.9 Updates: Status on the Consolidation
and Alignment of the Audit of Public Debt with
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Archana P. Shirsat
(IDI Deputy
Presentation 3:
Protocol for Quality Assurance of IDI’s Global Public
Goods vs Due process for INTOSAI’s Framework of
Professional Pronouncements vs Protocol on INTOSAI
KSC’s Working Group Projects
(live video presentation)
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Jaisankar Dhandapani
SAI India,
COP Manager
Presentation 4:
Update on the KSC-IDI Community Portal: Promoting
INTOSAI Community Portal for a more effective
platform of knowledge sharing
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Tatiana Otrokhova
SAI Russia
Presentation 5:
Strategic Audit of the Public Debt of the Russian
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Ana Mazmishvili
SAI Georgia
Presentation 6:
The roles of SAIs in Fiscal (Public Debt) Sustainability
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Wang Bangwu
SAI China
Presentation 7:
Application of Data Analysis in National Public Debt
Audit – China’s New Progress
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Dawn Simpson
Presentation 8:
The Fiscal Health of the United States
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Hussain Niyazy/
Maqbool Khalid
SAI Maldives
Presentation 9:
Sustainability of Public Debt from the Auditor’s
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Salma Al-Essa AlQenae/ Reem Hamed Al-saif
SAI Kuwait
Presentation 10:
The State Audit Bureau Role in Auditing Public Debt
in the State of Kuwait in Accordance to INTOSAI
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Dr. Bilal Jamal
Ahmed Akasheh
SAI Jordan
Presentation 11:
The Internal versus External Borrowing in Jordan
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Pitikhun Nilthanom/
Orapan Limriantong
SAI Thailand
Presentation 12:
State Fiscal and Financial Disciplines Act, 2018:
Role of SAI Thailand in Strengthening Public Debt
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SAI Indonesia Presentation 14:
Public Debt Management and Audit: SAI Indonesia’s
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Jonna Carlson
SAI Finland
Presentation 11:
Recent Audit work of the NAOF
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Jaisankar Dhandapani
SAI India
Presentation 16:
Concept Note on Guidance Material for Public Debt
Auditors on Government Guarantees
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SAI Macedonia/
SAI Lithuania
Presentation 17:
Concept Note on Guidance Material for Public Debt
Auditors on Debt Authorization and Debt
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WGPD Secretariat Presentation 18:
WGPD Work Plan for 2020-2022
Part 1
Proposed timelines for other planned activities
(Presentation and Approval)
Part 2
Call for Issues and additional Task Team members
WGPD Chair Confirmation of the SAI hosting the 2020 WGPD
Annual Meeting
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WGPD Chair Call for 2021 SAI Host for the WGPD Annual Meeting
WGPD Chair
  • Meeting Agreements
  • Way Forward
  • Meeting Wrap-up
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WGPD Chair
SAI Azerbaijan Organizing Committee
Closing remarks and end of business
Administrative announcements
Social/Cultural Programme