2017 Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Meeting of INTOSAI WGPD

Mandaluyong City, Philippines


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Minutes of Meeting

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Day 3 Cultural Social Program

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Sai Topic Papers
Wednesday, 27 September 2017 (Day 1)

Opening Program

  • Registration for the meeting
  • Welcome Address by the Chairperson Michael G. Aguinaldu
  • Keynote Address by the Treasure of the Philippines

Handover of Chairmanship of WGPD

WGPD’s Chair’s Report

Acknowledgement of Delegates per SAI

Endorsement and Approval of Agenda

Presentation 1

  • Administrative Matters (Database of Experts, etc.)

Presentation 2

  • Working Group on Public Debt (WGPD)
  • Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Presentation 3

  • WGPD Work Plan 2017-2019

Presentation 4

  • WGPD Terms of Reference and Handbook for WGPD Meetings

Presentation 5

  • Project Prposal for Project 2.9

Election of Vice Chair

Thursday 28, September 2017 (Day 2)

Presentation 6

  • Launching of the IDI-Handbook on the Audit of Lending and Borrowing Frameworks

Presentation 7

  • KSC-IDI Community Portal

Presentation 8

  • SDP implementation and Revised Due Process

Presentation 9

  • Quality Assurance of the INTOSAI-WGPD products developed outside Due Process

Presentation 10

  • Genral information on Public Debt Management

Presentation 11

  • Preventation of Fiscal Risks Best Practices from Public Debt Audting in China

Discussion of the prepration for the 2018 WGPD Annual Meeting

Discussion of the venue for the 2019 WGPD Annual Meeting

WGPD chair’s way forward instructions and meeting wrap up

Closing Session

  • Closing Remarks by Commissioner Jose A. Forbia

Friday 29, September 2017 (Day 3)

Socail / Cultural Program