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Based on survey and ranking analysis, five following projects have been identified for inclusion in the next Work Plan (2017-2019) of WGITA.

Name of the Project Project Team Leader Project Team members
Project 1: General Capacity Requirements for SAIs for conducting IT Audit South Africa AFROSAI-E, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Iraq, Korea,Mexico and Poland
Project 2: Development of roadmap for future GUIDs in the 5300 series Pakistan Brazil, China, India, Japan, Korea, Poland and USA
Project 3: Data Analytics (Area: IT Audit Techniques) Indonesia Bangladesh, Brazil, Ecuador, Georgia, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa and USAm
Project 4: Updating the ISSAIs 5300 and 5310 on Information Systems’ Security Audit including Cyber Security India China, Ecuador, Iraq, Kiribati, Poland and USA(5310) Australia, Poland, USA, Russia, and India(5300)
Project 5: Documentation Requirements of an IT Audit including AMS (Area: Audit Process) Mexico AFROSAI-E, Bangladesh, China, Ecuador, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait and USA

Project number 4 will result in development of two INTOSAI pronouncements in the form of GUIDs; GUID 5100 General IT Audit Guidelines and GUID 5110 – Guidelines on Information System Security Audit including Cyber Security.

The other projects will produce three non-IFPP documents viz,.Guidance on Data analytics, guideline for establishing IT audit capacity in a SAI environment and guideline on documentation process of an IT audit and also develop a roadmap for development of future pronouncements under GUID 5100 series.