27th WGITA Meeting

27th Meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit (Sydney, Australia) 17th and 18th April 2018

16th April, 2018 (Monday)

Agenda for 27th WGITA

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List of Participants

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Arrival of delegates

17th April, 2018 (Tuesday)

Item SAI
Registration of the participants
Welcome Address by Mr. Grant Hehir, Auditor-General for Australia
Opening remarks by the Chair of WGITA
India Adoption of Agenda of the 27th WGITA meeting Click Here
Malaysia/ India Update on website of the Working Group on IT Audit and revamped KSC – IDI Community Portal Click Here Click Here
Group Photo and Tea/Coffee Break
South Africa Project 1 of Work Plan 2017-19: General Capacity Requirements for SAIs for conducting IT Audit Click Here Click Here
Pakistan Project 2 of Work Plan 2017-19: Development of roadmap for future GUIDs in the 5300 series Click Here Click Here
Indonesia Project 3 of Work Plan 2017-19: Data Analytics (Area: IT Audit Techniques)
India Project 4 of Work Plan 2017-19: Revision of ISSAI 5310 & ISSAI 5300 as GUIDs under IFPP
GUID 5300: Guidelines on Information Technology Audit
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
India Project 4 of Work Plan 2017-19:… continued
GUID 5310: Guidelines on Information Systems’ Security Audit including Cyber Security
Click Here Click Here
Mexico Project 5 of Work Plan 2017-19: Documentation Requirements of an IT Audit including AMS (Area: Audit process) Click Here
Lunch (Hosted by ANAO-Australia)
USA Presentation on WGITA-IDI Handbook on IT Audit Click Here
India WGITA Work plan 2020-22 in the context of next SDP 2020-22 of IFPP Click Here
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AFROSAI-E Report of AFROSAI-E on cooperation with WGITA Click Here
Tea/Coffee Break
ISACA Report of ISACA on cooperation with WGITA Click Here
IDI Report of IDI on cooperation with WGITA
India Reporting Dashboard of WGITA Click Here Click Here
Dinner hosted by ANAO, Australia
Respective SAIs Country Paper presentations and discussions thereon
SAI Argentina – Changes adopted in the IT audit process in SAI Argentina – Challenges and rewards Click Here
SAI Australia – Systems assurance and data analytics for continued audit quality and improved efficiency of audits Click Here
SAI Indonesia – IT Audit Capacity Building in BPK RI Click Here
Click Here
ISACA – EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) -The challenges and opportunities and ISACA new guidelines on the matter Click Here
SAI Japan – A recent IT audit case Click Here
SAI Kuwait – Ideas of young people in auditing Click Here
SAI Pakistan – Establishing a digital audit trail Click Here
Click Here
SAI Turkey – Audit of e-Government Project Click Here
Questions and Answers
Tea/Coffee Break
China Report of the Working Group on Big Data
India Maintenance of IT Audit Database and Webinars Click Here
India Global Training Facility of WGITA

  • Designate iCISA of SAI India as GTF of WGITA
  • Preparation of Global Training Curriculum on IT Audit
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Fiji Discussion on preparation for the 28th meeting of WGITA Click Here
India Any other item for discussion with permission of the Chair
India Closing Remarks and summing up
Lunch (Hosted by ANAO Australia)
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