The INTOSAI WGITA is a volunteer organisation with a number of distinct bodies and players, each with associated responsibilities. These include the WGITA assembly Chair and Secretariat, the Project Leaders, and member SAIs.

Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group Assembly

  • The Working Group Assembly is the final authority for approving work plans and reports including other products or proposals, and monitors progress of on-going projects.
Chair and Secretariat

  • Providing overall administrative support to all aspects of the WGITA
  • Convening annual WGITA meeting and triennial seminar as well as deciding the location and timing, in close cooperation with the host
  • Notifying the agenda of the meetings to the members
  • Reporting annual progress of the Working Group to the INTOSAI Governing Board and triennial progress to the INTOSAI Congress
  • Leading development of the triennial work plan, establishing an overall project management system (including project specific work plans, roles, timetables and reporting for actions included in the work plan), and monitoring work plan implementation
  • Communicating with regional working groups on IT Audit
  • Leading liaison and relationship building with INTOSAI bodies and external organization.
  • Supporting training and capacity building initiatives
  • Communicating within and outside of the WGITA and INTOSAI membership
  • Managing the authoring and publication of guidance materials and other relevant material
Project Leaders

  • Preparing a project approval document for approval by the chair/assembly prior to beginning work.
  • Conceptualizing and executing the project
  • Providing a reporting schedule and deliverables
  • Preparing project specific work plans
  • Undertaking research and soliciting information from SAIs as needed
  • Assigning roles to and organizing workload among members
  • Contributing to, commenting on and approving draft and final guidance materials, work plans and other key documents and initiatives
  • Providing technical expertise and best practices in support of various project
  • Review and comment on project work plans, progress reports and draft documents.

  • Participating as Project leaders or members;
  • Supporting the development of projects by providing SAI audit reports, answering questionnaires, reviewing and commenting on documents;
  • Contributing to information exchange at meetings and participate in seminars;
  • Hosting WGITA meetings and seminars; and
  • Maintaining and updating of WGITA Web-site and databases.